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Day 6




We toured Nottingham today. Still no sign of Robin Hood but travelled down Maid Marion Way so felt there was some history here. We wandered around the city centre but found little to get excited about. We found a bronze statue of Brian Clough (football fans will know his link to Nottingham Forrest) and was surprised to see he had sneakers on (bronze ones at that!)image


We had a good morning in Nottingham having a good look around. Not all of intentional as the GPS app on our phone was not all helpful or reliable. After a few "moments", including the sacking and subsequent reinstatement of the Navigator, we purchased a 'real GPS' and it's been plain sailing ever since. A favourite moment was calling in to the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. A game was scheduled that afternoon but we were too early. The gentleman in the cricket shop was great. He responded to my requests, shut up his shop, and took us on a short tour of the ground. Brilliant!

We travelled to Stourport-on-Severn later in the afternoon and had a great evening with Charlie Skevington's cousin, Karen & Mark. They were superb hosts, wined & dined us till we were past help, and took us to their canal boat where we spent a nautical night rocked to sleep by the canal harbour

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Day 7


What a day! Karen & Mark took us up the canal for a couple of hours to Kidderminster. What an experience! Something I can recommend to everyone. It was fun in every way and what a relaxing way to finally get rid of our jet lag.

Quiet & peaceful yet interspersed with other boats passing by - a wave here, a cheery hello there and sometimes a chat including one couple who said they were from Auckland. That was a longer chat!
Again Karen & Mark surpassed themselves - a lovely lunch beside the boat on the canal path, a little wine to sharpen the senses, and great company. I even got to drive the boat on the way home! We are sitting in the dining room of our hotel in Stratford-on-Avon having said a sad farewell to our new friends with a promise to return again for a real canal boat holiday.

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Day 8


Jenny's birthday! She has been spoiled by lovely messages from family & friends, some pandora and a special tea in Oxford. Started the day in Stratford-on-Avon. Toured the area looking at Shakespeare's birthplace, Anne Hathaway's cottage and the many little shops & cafes in the town


We took a canal boat down the Avon and met some lovely people from Warwick. They were rugby fans too but just couldn't find it in themselves to wish the All Blacks good luck. We reciprocated for the England team. We lunched in Straford and travelled on to Oxford in the afternoon.


Staying in a quaint little pub in the countryside. Having a special birthday tea in the pub with champagne and good company. The end of a very good day




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Day 9



After a lovely breakfast at our country inn we headed off into Oxford for a day of sightseeing. Oxford is an amazing place, the University Colleges are all beautiful old buildings steeped in history and intriguing stories. We decided to take a tour on the hop-on, hop-off buses and thoroughly enjoyed the many old buildings and grand settings. It probably surpassed Cambridge in size and grandeur but it's really hard to compare.


We found a great place for coffee and baguettes and enjoyed a good wander through the University area. Again we were competing with a multitude of bus tours, mainly Japanese and American. Jenny also found a great old pub, although we didn't have time for a drink, just a loo stop.

We travelled on later in the day to Bath, our last stop before heading back to London. The driving is easier now, especially with our friendly GPS, but I have seen enough trucks to last a lifetime. We are staying tonight at the University of Bath, an experience in itself. We dined in Bath at a quaint local pub, the Pulteney Arms. We were certainly thrown in with the locals but the pub meal was surprisingly good and the company was interesting.


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Day 10


After a fairly uncomfortable night in a "student" double bed (more like large single) we set off to explore Bath. A fabulous city with very distinctive limestone houses and magnificent architecture we were absorbed by the old streets and very attractive tenement houses. Staying at the University of Bath had its downside but at least it made us drive through the leafy neighbourhood around the University and appreciate the other side of Bath.
The highlight was taking a tour of the Roman Baths. I saw this in 1996 but they have upgraded the viewing facilities to a degree that it quite an experience. It's hard to appreciate the age of the baths and the ingenuity of the Romans in creating a complex and technically efficient system.




It was quite crowded in the Baths and difficult at times with all the tour groups. We have to be patient as this will be us next week in Europe. After an enjoyable hour in the Baths we went out to find a good coffee. Jenny also found some nice rolls for lunch so we were well fed and altered as usual
To finish our time in Bath we toured the town on foot and then in the car. We found some wonderful shops and some even more impressive rows of houses.
After another long trip back to London we returned the car to Europcar and took the tube back to our hotel in Earl's Court.

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